Within the scope of the collaboration project between the School of Applied Arts / Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco and the Doctor Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum / Castelo Branco City Council, the "Museu Vivo" project was created.
The "Museu Vivo" project consists of using the museum context as a central research theme for the development of work in two Curricular Units of the course. In this context, topics such as the use of new technologies and new formats in the creation of solutions for the presentation and availability of content and services, or the creative exploration of new artistic projects based on the reinterpretation of existing concepts and content in the Museum space were addressed.

Developed by

António Carrasco, Beatriz Moura, Beatriz Rodrigues, Diogo Marques, João Pedro Santos, João Ramalho, Sebastião Rocha and Virgínia do Carmo


Master in Digital Media Production / Interaction and Digital Narratives Lab

Organized by

Prof. Dr. Rui Dias

Prof. Master Pedro Motta da Silva


june 2023