The exhibition MOVE! - Interactive Installations Exhibition, presents a set of interactive multimedia installations, by students of the Master in Digital Media Production and the degree in Electronic Music and Music Production of ESART - IPCB, in various spaces of ESART, during DEM Week - Communication Design and Digital Media Week.
Several formats and technologies are explored for the development of interactive digital media projects, bringing together graphic, sound and audiovisual elements with a focus on interactivity and real-time processing of graphics, image and sound.

Developed by

António Carrasco, João Ramalho, Virgínia do Carmo, Sebastião Rocha, Diogo Marques, Beatriz Rodrigues, João Pedro Santos, Beatriz Moura (MPMD)

André Rocha, Carlos Carvalho, Ricardo Palma, Rui Rodrigues (MEPM)


Master in Digital Media Production / Bachelor in Electronic Music and Music Production

Organized by

Prof. Dr Rui Dias


april 2023

João Ramalho (MPMD)

“The Dark Sound of the Moon”

Everyone has a dark side, even this space rock that haunts us all our lives without showing us its.
This installation explores the lunar sound in a sound and visual way, through a mix of sounds that are altered according to the side and phase of the moon that is being observed. It is a kind of lunar synthesizer where sounds from the first missions to the moon and completely abstract sounds were used.

Diogo Marques (MPMD)


A kind of portal is found in a room, it is solid, impassable. Like glass. It emanates a bright white light. On a cloudy background, a “form” dances with fluid movements. It appears alive. When human contact is made, a visual response appears on the white background. The form “panics”, it does not like it. What was an abstract form, calm and mesmorizing, is now a restless, nervous being. As time passes, it seems to grow fonder of our presence. Abstraction is replaced by a recognizable sphere and frenetic movement by a peaceful mimicry of our movements.

António Carrasco (MPMD)


Sound is an essential element in our lives, we find it everywhere, even in silence it is present, however, we cannot see it. This installation aims to give shape to sound, through a polymorphic visual that transforms according to the intensity of the sound.

Virgínia do Carmo (MPMD)


1. Repercussion; 2. Delineate; Designation given to the graphic representation of the delineation of our actions whose repercussions are marked and defined by the passage of time. All action is motivated by the passage of time, both its existence and its passage and so as in a cycle, the actions we have in our origins feed the actions of our future.